Craze For Race - Multiplayer

Steal your VICTORY...

You are invited to take the adventure of massive online multiplayer off road race packed with adventure to witness the fragrance of winning. The game involves the race between players all around the world on a single platform. Motive of each player is to complete each milestone maintaining his resources and raise his rank to gain his victory. Each player needs to own cars to play battle and improve them by upgrading and maintaining periodically. The players are ruthless to win and are eagerly waiting to rob your resources on the way. So be prepared and steal your victory.

• Unique 9 vehicles with parts upgrade.
• Online multiplayer battle with world.
• Unique 11 seamless worlds to travel.
• Emoji to express with opponents.
• Steal, or barely donate resources to opponent.

Note: The game uses CFR coins which can be collected by in game achievements, stolen from an opponent or purchased by in-app purchase.

CFR is online racing game which always requires


simple note

You need to create onetime ACCOUNT
By entering Email ID & valid Password. (Not Email Password.)

simple note

Yellow mark at bottom left corner indicates
You are CONNECTED and ready to play.

simple note

For playing the game you need a vehicle to drive
Which can be purchased from MARKET in VEHICLE menu.

simple note

Upgrade, Modify & Maintain your vehicle in

simple note

Global Ranking can help you track your
RANK among the players around the world.

simple note

The reward can be collected on completion of
in game MILESTONE.

simple note

Feature packed game HUD.

simple note

You can ROB or DONATE
resources to offline players.

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