Attend your Presence

Attend app is personal attendance tracker for employees.
Attend app lets you track the status of all month and lets you estimate your upcoming salary.
You just have to feed attend with few salary details and your daily attendance, Attend will show your attendance statistics and predicted salary.

Status option

Various status options

  • Present   Present.
  • Halfday   Halfday.
  • Absent   Absent.
  • Halfday   Paid Holiday.
  • Overtime   Over Time.
  • Halfday   Paid Leave.

Status option

Packed with Features

  • Full calendar view with status.
  • Mini status bar for selected date.
  • Total counts of all various saved status.
  • Total month Over Time hours count.
  • Expected salary prediction.

Status option

Even More

Full year bar chart graph with all month's status.

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