SHAG: Features

  • SHAG panel are available in variant models which can control 2,4 or 10 appliance.
  • Multiple SHAG panel can be controled using SHAG android app.
  • SHAG panel are secured using respective unique identity.
  • SHAG has appliance scheduling facility which helps in automatic operation scheduling on appliances.
  • SHAG provides child lock PIN protection.
  • No need of internet, hence simple to manage.
  • SHAG uses efficient design to make ensure low energy consumption.

SHAG: Specification

  • SHAG uses 240V / 50Hz AC as input supply.
  • SHAG has appliance load capacity of 6A-240V / 50Hz AC rating for each output lines.
  • SHAG only supports android smartfones above Android 5.0 - Lollipop version.
  • SHAG panel's approximate dimension: 5"(L) x 3"(W) x 1"(H).

SHAG: Installation steps

Caution: All installation process is to be done with AC supply. Please make sure that it is done by experts. Do take all precautions.
  1. Firstly note down name and pass details on SHAG panel device.
  2. Switch-off main power supply of home.
  3. Open switchboard which is to be automated.
  4. Connect SHAG's 10 output AC wires to respective appliance switch as shown in figure.
  5. Connect SHAG's AC input to AC source available in switchboard correctly.
  6. Do recheck for all circuit board connections.
  7. Place device inside switchboard if possible or place it outside as comfortable.
  8. Switch-on main power supply of home.
  9. If all connected appliances blinks ON then it is assured that circuit is perfect.
  10. Download SHAG android app from Google PlayStore from EHTAS.
  11. Fill out all details in app for respective panel.
  12. And you are done. Enjoy SHAG...

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